Taking Longer and Producing Less
Conjuncture, 2020
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY

Taking Longer and Producing Less turns on a set of custom mail-order envelopes, collated by the United States Postal Service's universal mail imaging program, itself the first mass application of computer vision to commercial activity.

Inverting the practice of the "poor man's copyright," whereby one mails a copy of one's work to oneself to prove the date of an idea's conception, the data extracted by the imaging program becomes the intellectual property of USPS. Consumers may distribute this information only insofar as is necessary "to explain or effectuate a Postal Service transaction." To overcome the prevailing model of information-as-a-service, the work enlists these transactions as the instruments of both its production and distribution.

When circulated in printed media, the work takes the form of an advertisement, disqualifying the media container from preferred postage rates.

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Support: Whitney Independent Study Program